FPB Email Transition

What Happened

Frankfort Plant Board switched to a new email platform hosted by Google in June 2013, called Google Apps for ISPs. We were excited to offer FPB customers the many benefits of the Google Apps ecosystem for no additional cost – including a huge increase in email storage to 15GB, Google Calendar, Google Sites, and cloud storage via Google Drive.

In late September 2014, FPB received notice that Google planned to shutdown the entire Google Apps for ISPs platform that FPB was using – affecting us and many other ISPs with over a million total customers. Negotiations began with Google for a reprieve. In December 2014, the final word came through – Google’s business decision had been made and no reprieve would be offered. All current ISPs using Google’s platform would not be allowed to remain. Google has yet to offer an explanation for this “business decision” to terminate the platform.

As a result, FPB has begun the process of shutting down our @fewpb.net email service.

FPB has a plan to help you through this period of change. Over the course of a few steps, we hope to help you complete this transition as quickly as is possible.

Over the next couple days, you should receive an email at your @fewpb.net email address with a link to begin the transition process. If you have not yet received this email, and would like to begin the transition process, please enter your @fewpb.net address below, and click the Send Email button.